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With our professional development services, you’ll get the right software for your data collection and analysis needs. Whether your need control software for a new lab setup, assistance creating customised hardware, or are simply wishing for better analysis software: With over ten years of experience in designing scientific software for image and video analysis, sensory system modelling, and instrument control, we will find the best solution for your scientific software needs.

Always deliver to an exceptionally high standard

ScienceDjinn has an incredible ability for solving complex computational and programming tasks. With impressive knowledge and rapid learning of unfamiliar topics, they always deliver to an exceptionally high standard. They are a pleasure to work with and solve exactly the problem you want solved (which is rare among consultants). Despite this, they often bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table. We have received help with Fourier transforms of image data, software for automatic tracking from holographic data, and several demanding projects for extracting radiometric data from digital images. In every case, ScienceDjinn has delivered outstanding solutions.

Professor Dan-Eric Nilsson

Greatly expanded our range of analyses

For the analysis of behavioral data, we are often required to turn the filmed movements of animals into parameters that can be mathematically analysed. To facilitate our research on navigating dung-beetles, ScienceDjinn designed a user-friendly program into which we could import our videos from the field to track desired objects and animal movements. 5 years later, we still heavily rely on this program in my lab. The services were accurate, fast, reflected exactly what we were after and greatly expanded our current range of analyses. I can highly recommend the services provided.

Professor Marie Dacke

An unparalleled resource!

ScienceDjinn is an unparalleled resource for custom scientific analysis software. They deliver creative, elegant solutions to complicated research problems and their service is professional and flexible. I would strongly recommend their products!

Mike Bok

Greatly improved efficiency and quality of our analyses

During my work on light-guided swimming behaviour of dinoflagellates, I collaborated with ScienceDjinn. Jochen Smolka developed Matlab software to automate the analysis of the acquired videos, which was user-friendly but, more importantly, greatly improved both the efficiency and quality of our analyses.

Anders Garm

Make your science take off.

We have experience designing complex software in a range of modern programming environments, such as MATLAB, LabView, Python, Go, JavaScript/Node and C#. Take your first step to better software today and contact us.