Jochen Smolka

I am the founder and principal consultant of ScienceDjinn. My experience creating scientific software goes back to my Master’s degree in 2004. Since then, Matlab has been my main work horse for writing laboratory software and scientific analyses. I also have substantial experience creating control software in LabView, as well as statistical analyses in R. In recent years, I have developed major projects in Python, Go and Unity/C#, as well as web interfaces in JS/Node and React.

Scientifically, I have long been interested in how animal eyes see the world, and how the distribution of light intensity, colour and polarisation in the world affects the behaviour of animals and humans. Much of the software I have developed therefore deals with the analysis of images and videos, ranging from image statistics to automatically tracking the position and behaviour of animals in video recordings.

I strongly believe that easy-to-use, custom-made software is a major factor enabling scientists, and companies implementing scientific results, to push the limits of what they can achieve and to create the cutting-edge science and technology of tomorrow.